Welcome Foster Parents!

Are you looking for a way to bond and connect with an infant recently placed in your home?  Infant Massage is a great way to make a connection and learn the baby's signs and cues. 

I am a Certified INFANT Massage Trainer and I would like to provide you with the skills and knowledge on the benefits of Infant Massage, especially for babies who have experienced any type of trauma in their life; drug exposure in utero, toxic stress in utero, abandonment, separation from primary caregiver (biological parents), physical abuse and/or neglect.

Currently, DCS of Porter County recognizes 5 in-service training hours for the 5 week/1 hour course.  This course is for parents/caregivers with an infant from birth to pre-walking.  It is more than just learning the massage strokes, it is about “reading” the baby and bonding with the child in order to help with their development and growth.  “Proof abounds that babies who are neglected and punished suffer bonding breaks and, without intervention, often grow up to be troubled if not antisocial or sociopathic, individuals.  Working with parents to bond more deeply with their infants, respect them, learn their nonverbal “language,” and respond to them with love can change their entire life as a family, and their children turned out to be lively, creative, inquisitive, secure, intelligent, social, loving, humanitarian human beings.” – Vimala McClure. 

If you are with an agency and you are interested in learning infant massage, please contact your licensing coordinator to discuss training credits for this class.

Other opportunities to participate in a class:

  • find an already scheduled class
  • contact your agency to inquire about setting up a class locally
  • create your own training with friends, family or other foster parents who have infants

Please contact me for special pricing for foster parents!

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