Importance of Tummy Time

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What is Tummy Time?

"Tummy time is the time during the day your baby spends on their tummy while awake."  The American Academy of Pediatrics states it is crucial for you baby's development to play on their tummies, and as a Pediatric Physical Therapist, I totally AGREE! 

Tummy time is unbelievably important in supporting healthy child development.  Because of this, I want all babies to enjoy playing and engaging while being on their tummies!

What does the Medical/Developmental Research say about Tummy Time?

  • consistent tummy time practice every day is associated with improved motor milestones
  • improved head control by 3 months
  • decreases reflux
  • promotes gastric emptying
  • lack of tummy time contributes to sedentary/obesogenic lifestyle
  • babies are more engaged and happy during tummy time when accompanied and supported by a a parent

When your baby spends time playing on his tummy, it: 

  • helps your baby lift, support and control his own head.
  • teaches your baby to turn his head to open his airways.
  • strengthens your baby’s muscles.
  • teaches your baby to weight-shift his body, hands and arms and improve balance and coordination.
  • prevents your baby from developing a flat spot on the back of his head
  • reduces the risk of Torticollis which restricts your baby’s head and neck movements.
  • promotes your baby’s visual tracking of objects that are close and far away and increase environmental awareness.
  • develops your baby’s abdominal muscles and postural strength for the next phases of sitting up, crawling and walking.
  • promotes motor control, planning and encourage sensory integration.

Check out some fun toy ideas that I have recommended while engaging in tummy time with your baby!

Is your baby still struggling with Tummy Time?

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