What is Infant Massage?

Infant Massage is so much more than a relaxing massage.  Infant Massage is a specific routine that is scientifically proven to improve your baby's health in many ways and to enhance your bond with your baby.  Learning the right massage techniques is vital to ensure that both you and your baby experience the many benefits that massage can provide.

Benefits of Infant Massage:


  • Digestive system
  • Muscular development and tone
  • Sensory integration
  • Language development


  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Regulation of behavioral states
  • Reduction of stress levels and hormones
  • Increased flexibility


  • Gas and colic
  • Constipation and elimination
  • Disorganization of the nervous system
  • Physical and psychological tension


  • Promotion of bonding
  • Verbal/non-verbal communication
  • One-on-one quality time
  • Nurturing touch

Listed below are ways to INVEST in Infant Massage with your Baby:

Infant Massage Class 

4 Week Series, Once a Week for 60 MINUTES

BABIES 2 Weeks to Pre-Walking


Join a small group of parents and babies for an intimate hour each week.   Over the course of four weeks, you will learn massage strokes for all areas of your baby’s body; legs, stomach, chest, arms, back and face. You will also learn strategies for specific relief of colic and gas as well as comforting holds and gentle touch. Infant massage is a means to enhance the dialogue between parent and baby. Massaging your baby is an interaction, a gentle communication through nurturing touch, eye contact and voice that is steadily built up slowly and with synchronicity with your baby over the course of the four weeks.

We offer lots of opportunity for review and practice so that you can be sure to walk away feeling confident with your new skills.

Introductory Infant Massage Workshop

90 Minute Class


Come learn the magic of Infant Massage!  This class is similar to the Series, minus the repetition/review with a focus primarily on legs, belly and back.  We incorporate tummy time rolling for pre-rolling babies.  If you enjoy this session, there is a cost deduction if you want to complete the full series.

Other Options for IM Classes

Would you like to share this experience with your mothers' groups?  Why not organize a group session in that case; venue of your choice!  You do not see a time or day that fits your schedule?  Contact me to organize a group or private session.


Full Series of 2-3 Classes: $200


(3 Baby/Parent Combo Minimum)

Full Series of 3 Classes: $110 per baby/parent combo

Introductory Class on the basics to get started at home: $50 per baby/parent combo

Special Offer!  1/2 price massage class

For your chance to receive 50% off a massage series class, simply put together a group of at least 3 of your friends. (4 Baby/Parent Combo Minimum)

Foster Parent Special

If you are a Foster Parent and you are interested in attending a class, please reach out for the discounted cost.

What Parents are Saying about Infant Massage:

"I enrolled in Valpo Therapy Kids infant massage course because I was looking for something beneficial to my daughter's development that would get us both out of the house while I was on maternity leave.  It turned out to be one of the best decisions I made during my child's first year.  I could tell Jenny genuinely cared about teaching this lifelong skill to parents. I say “lifelong skill” because that’s exactly what it is.  Six months after graduating from this course, baby and I still practice infant massage as a part of our nightly bedtime routine. It has helped to forge a strong bond between us.  I never expected it be the highlight of my day, but it often is. You are physically close to your baby, exchanging eye contact, smiles, coos. It's a very special time that I wouldn't trade for anything.  Baby massage has been a true gift to our relationship." - Christina F

Invest in this Gift for your Baby