Private Pay for Services

We are considered an out-of-network practice with all insurance companies.  Because we are a very small company, it is difficult to get a reimbursement rate that makes sense with our business model – quality over quantity. At this point, we do not want to jeopardize this quality of care.  

We are willing to work with families as needed.  We will provide each family with a superbill that has all the information they should need to submit the claim to the insurance company so they might be reimbursed directly.  Depending on your insurance plan, out-of-network benefits may be payable after your deductible is met.  Generally, a plan under the out-of-network terms will pay a % of the treatment and the client is responsible for the difference.  We cannot guarantee reimbursement and you will be responsible for payment.  Full payment of service is due the day of service.