Individual Pediatric Physical Therapy


Jenny will complete a thorough assessment on your child in the comfort of your own home.  Based on concerns and assessment results, your active involvement is recruited in both developing the plan of care and implementation in your child’s daily play.  A home program will be created after each session to ensure progression of skills during the week.  Sessions will be individualized based on the needs but they typically run 45-60 minutes.  

Who would benefit from One-on-One Therapy?

  • If you have concerns with or your child has received a diagnosis from the Pediatrician for Torticollis or Plagiocephally.

    • Torticollis:  a head preference to tilt or look to one side
    • Plagiocephaly: misshaped or flattening of the skull
  •  Missed or delay in gross motor skills
  • A Baby who has been told they are "colicky".
  • Simply prefer a private session to allow time to keep your treatment as individualized as possible and allow for private conversation
  • If your baby is working on latch and feeding issues, recovering from a tie revision or “hates” tummy time, let’s chat before you register for anything!  A class may be more appropriate for your baby.  

Investment in Your Baby

One-on-One Initial Assessment

Follow-up Visits

Phone Consultation

All fees are rendered prior to or at time of service.  Initial phone conversations are free to better understand the needs of your child.  

We will provide necessary paperwork and instructions in order for you to file with your own insurance upon request.