Welcome to my RESOURCE page!  Here you will find a variety of resources that I have found helpful in my work and ongoing learning.  I strive to learn something new everyday and if I do not know the answer, I will do my best to figure it out.  I know most new moms and dads do not have time to read.  That is why I make a purpose to learn from others to help you and your infants!  Some of the books that are listed, I have have had the pleasure of meeting the author through my professional book club Connections Book Club.  If you are looking for more information on a topic, hopefully my resources will help you on your journey!  


Healthy Baby Habits: Help your baby dominate developement. A guide for birth to 12 months by Jennifer Thurner

I wrote this book! It was written for those parents who wish to create a solid foundation and support their child's natural development.

Sleep-Wrecked Kids:  Helping parents raise happy, healthy kids one sleep at a time by Sharon Moore.

Sharon is a speech pathologist who has a passion for spreading the word to parents about the importance of sleep and the airway in children. 

Tongue Tied:  How a tiny string under the tongue impacts nursing, speech, feeding and more by Richard Baxter with M.Musso, L.Lahey, L.Hughes, P.Fabbie, M.Lovvorn, and M.Emanuel. 

This guide is written by a board certified pediatric dentist along with a team of professionals including speech language pathologists, board certified lactation consultants, an occupational therapist and bodyworkers.  It is a comprehensive guide to explaining tongue ties and how they can impact infants and adults alike.