Tummy Time Toy Ideas


Tummy time is unbelievably important in supporting healthy child development.  Because of this, as a physical therapist, I want all babies to enjoy playing and engaging while being on their tummies!

So why is tummy time important?

When your baby spends time playing on his tummy, it: 

  • Helps your baby lift, support and control his own head.
  • Teaches your baby to turn his head to open his airways.
  • Strengthens your baby’s muscles.
  • Teaches your baby to weight-shift his body, hands and arms and improve balance and coordination.
  • Prevents your baby from developing a flat spot on the back of his head
  • Reduces the risk of Torticollis which restricts your baby’s head and neck movements.
  • Promotes your baby’s visual tracking of objects that are close and far away and increase environmental awareness.
  • Develops your baby’s abdominal muscles and postural strength for the next phases of sitting up, crawling and walking.
  • Promotes motor control, planning and encourage sensory integration.

To make tummy time more fun and engaging, I have created a list of tummy time toy favorites! Active engagement with your baby during tummy time makes it more enjoyable for both you and your baby.  Mirrors, crinkling toys/books, and rattles are great starters.  

Tummy Time is also a great time to read to your baby while playing with the intonations in your voice to capture attention.  Singing is also a great way to bond and regulate their arousal levels and you do not have to be a Billboard Artist to sing to your baby either!

For fun toy ideas, click on the link to check out my Amazon Tummy Time Toy List.  

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