Tummy Time! Method Class


I recommend 3-5 visits but you can come for just 1

BABIES 2 Weeks to Pre-Crawling

Let me be your Tummy Time Coach!


Many babies become agitated and fearful in tummy time unless parents properly engage them in the process.

During this small class, we are going to learn a process called Tummy Time!™ Method for putting babies into tummy time that respects the normal developmental sequence.  It is an evidence informed therapeutic program designed to support health, posture, movement and connection of all babies; it can also treat oral motor dysfunction, postural asymmetries, digestive difficulties, and autonomic dysregulation.


  • helps prevent head flattening (plagiocephaly and brachycephaly)
  • helps re-mold head if flat spots have been noted
  • helps baby develop core strength
  • helps baby learn postural skills by strengthening and engaging the spine
  • helps baby mobilize mouth and throat structures for feeding and speech/language development
  • helps promote bonding/attachment
  • promotes your baby's potential for movement success
  • helps baby access spine and neck reflexes which help baby learn about head control and upright head postures

Adequate time spent in Tummy Time enhances proper motor and brain development, thereby supporting optimal performance in school, dance and sports!


  • The gold standard in the first 2-3 weeks of extrauterine life is tummy time on a parent’s chest 
  • Prior to using the Tummy Time!™ Method, tummy time can be challenging for many babies, but using this program regularly will teach baby to feel relaxed and safe in tummy time.
  • Focus on quality, not quantity of tummy time experiences. 30 minutes a day to start, then gradually increase the time. It may be helpful to do several short sessions a day rather than one long session.

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